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    About manitoba Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    The province is one of the major food producing regions of Canada, producing 15% of Canada's agricultural products. Agriculture and animal husbandry developed, is an important producer of barley, wheat, rapeseed, pig, beef and dairy products of agricultural and animal husbandry products; food storage and processing occupies the leading position. Agricultural engineering technology and equipment to new technology, high quality products, excellent service, known to the world. The Canadian wheat board, Canadian grain Commission and the Winnipeg commodity exchange headquarters are located here. 54% of agricultural income from crops of wheat, barley, buckwheat, beans, rapeseed and potatoes; 46% from animal husbandry products. Agricultural products are highly dependent on the export market, mainly in the United States, Japan, Hongkong and Mexico. Agricultural engineering is the province of the new technology, high quality products, excellent service and known. Especially in tractors and power equipment, planting, digging and fertilization and spraying equipment, harvesting system, food processing, storage and processing techniques and livestock products technology aspects of outstanding advantages.
    The Winnipeg rink in temporary shelters
    Every Summer Bay has 9 ~ 10 weeks of de icing period, here is also exported to European countries commercial water routes.
    The annual summer festival is the Winnipeg Folkorama event, is also one of the multi-ethnic gathering of North America's largest.
    The northern and southern Gulf of wild, wild duck and polar bear rare animal in the world. Here every year to usher in a large number of animal lovers and tourists.
    The forks is the history of the Manitoba province famous tour of. It is located in the downtown of the city of Winnipeg, tour people exhibited the remnants of 6000 years ago the ancient human life and culture.
    Lake Winnipeg and Grand Beach (one of the world's largest beach) is the famous tourist attractions.
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