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    About idaho Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    Sun Valley
    Tourism is an important source of income for the state of love. The Sun Valley, located in the center of the jagged mountains, is a world famous ski resort. State and state parks in the state of love offer different landscape features. Canoe activity in the Salmon River is very popular in the north, there are many Blue Lake and near the ski resort. Fishing in all the lakes and rivers of the state is the best activity. Suitable activities can be found throughout the year in Idaho.

    Into Idaho
    Located in the United States bordering on the Pacific Ocean northwest heartland, West and Washington state, Oregon neighbors, Canada in the north and the adjacent is a famous spectacular natural scenery and the quality of the living environment. Apart from famous rich agricultural products, it is the main base of many high-tech industries, is rich in forest resources and creating a lot of building materials and forest products. Area ranked thirteenth in the United States, the population of only 130 million. Similar to Idaho and Montana and Oregon are sparsely populated in the northwest of the economically backward areas, the only advantage is mountain forest dense, beautiful environment, mineral rich. In the Indian language, Idaho is the meaning of the "gem of the mountains". In the 19th century, the state had a "gold rush frenzy of economic prosperity, but finished digging gold, to the city, scenery is no longer. The state has previously been in agriculture, animal husbandry, mineral, forest as the main industry, known as the global potato, the United States, the first, it is also known as "potato state".

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