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    About minnesota Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Optimal travel time
    Minnesota in January (the coldest month) the average temperature of -11.5 degrees C, July (the hottest month) the average temperature of 22.8 degrees C, winter out of the name of the cold summer out of the name of the heat, the best tourist season in spring and autumn two.
    regional distribution
    Minnesota is bounded on the north by Canada's Manitoba and Ontario, east of Lake Superior, across the Mississippi River and Wisconsin, south of Iowa, West, South, North Dakota he states. The United States mainland north point (latitude 49 degrees 23 minutes) in the state, so the nickname of the state of Minnesota for the North Star state.
    Historical culture
    Indian is Minnesota, meaning "milk blue water"". The first is the odd Chippewa and Sioux indians. Used to live in this area of Minnesota is mainly native American Ojibwa and dakota. They are mainly to hunting and gathering for students. But when the Europeans came here and began to exploit the resources here, there was a change in life here.
    The restaurant is usually 15% meals (you do not need to tip for fast food, buffet, or bill that has included)
    Luggage handling in general 1 U.S. dollars / piece
    Taxis are generally 15% of the fare.
    Bar 1 dollars (if called wine need to tip the bartender)
    Tour in general 5-10 dollars / day (to pay the driver and tour guide)

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