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    Capital city of Olympia . Seattle is the economic and cultural center of the United States, the city of financial center, technology, but also the traditional convention and tourism center. Other cities have Spoken (Spokane), Tacoma (Tacoma), Vancouver (Vancouver), Beller by (Bellevue), etc..

    Olympia is located in the southern tip of the Puget Sound, is the capital of Washington, Thurston County, the county government, was built in 1859 and in 1889 became the state capital. The city planning and construction of the new England style, so now the city scene by the impact of new England, the designer Sylvester also respected as the father of Olympia.
    The Washington State Capitol in Olympia is located in the center of the city, with a set of statues in front of the building to honor those who have dedicated themselves to equality, justice and freedom. Parliament building and its nearby region formed a famous tourist area, resplendent in gold and jade green the Capitol become a tourist's first choice. As an important cultural center in Washington state, every year attracts many artists, artists, musicians and artists. The city is home to the University, including the Evergreen State College in Olympia, South Puget sound-a Community College in, there are a large number of young students, making the city full of vitality, has therefore been "Outdoors" magazine as one of the best of the Urban Institute.
    Olympia will go to reason: the capital of the state of Washington

    Seattle is full of unique symbolic landscape, is a vibrant tourist city. First arrived, most people may be difficult to decide how to develop travel plans. Below, we will introduce you to the ten best attractions in Seattle for reference.
    1 Parker market Place Market Pike
    Seattle, the most famous landmark, is the heart and soul of the city. Here not only a farmer's market, you can buy local extraordinary works of art and crafts, in wander in the beautiful scenery of the Puget Sound, also can let you a feast for the eyes.
    2 space needle tower needle Seattle Space
    Originally built for the 1962 World Expo, it is still a unique landmark building in the Pacific Northwest. In the sunny days, climbed to the top of the tower, the spectacular Seattle and the surrounding areas will be panoramic panorama.
    3 Seattle Center
    Seattle center is not only a landmark building space needle tower, there are a number of other major attractions, including the Pacific Science Center, EMP (music experience project), and the Seattle children's museum. It's definitely worthwhile to spend some time in the center of Seattle, especially when you travel with your child.
    4 Pioneer Square and Underground Tour
    Pioneer Square in Seattle, the oldest, now has a lot of unique art galleries, shops and restaurants. On the first Thursday of each month, there will be a famous "first Thursday Art Exhibition" for visitors to watch. You can also try a wonderful experience - the underground tour, the tour guides you through an underground passage, the underground passage can be regarded as the ancient city of Seattle heritage. While walking through the same time, you can hear the city set up a series of stories, is a memorable experience for the whole family!
    5 Xigong Teng Dengsuo
    Located in the vicinity of the Ballard, Seattle this lock is the most popular tourist attractions. In Puget Sound link joint lake and Lake Washington, by raising and lowering the water level to allow the ship to pass smoothly. It also has a fish ladder, you can watch the salmon swim upstream to swim the scene, in addition, there is a lush botanical garden.
    6 Woodland Park Zoo and Seattle Aquarium
    Although not together, but they are all animal lovers can not miss the attractions. Established so far, more than 100 years, the Woodland Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoo on the west coast. The Seattle aquarium will allow visitors to experience the wonderful Puget Sound marine organisms.
    7 Seattle Museum of art and the Olympic Sculpture Park
    Seattle Museum of Art (SAM), not just another great downtown attractions, but also has become an internationally renowned landmark tour. Seattle Art Museum subsumes is located in the northern part of Seattle waterfront outdoor Olympic Sculpture Park, here all year round regardless of Yinqing rain are worth a visit.
    8 Boeing factory tour
    Even those who are not interested in aviation, will also be extremely enjoy the future of the aviation center and the Seattle Boeing Tour for you to show the spectacular scene. Here, you can visit the world's most magnificent buildings, visit them to make 747767777 and 787Dreamliner type aircraft plant. Although this trip is very suitable for having fun with your family, but please note that children must at least 4 feet high (122 cm) before being allowed to enter.
    9 the Central Library of Seattle Public Library
    Central library is located in the center of Seattle city center, 11 storey high, fully completed by the glass and steel structure, designed by Rem Koolhaas and Prince Ramos Joshua. This is an amazing building, one of the most loved by the American Institute of architects. Visit is completely free of charge.
    10 Washington Park Botanical Garden
    Seattle's parks have no choice. Washington botanical garden is located in Lake Washington Park, there is a Japanese garden. Walk in the stacked flowers, wandering in the quiet long path, the hustle and bustle of the city will gradually recede. Don't go out of the city, you can still feel the breath of nature.

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