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    Charleston Charleston is located in the Elk River and the Kanawha River Interchange, is the capital of West Virginia in the United States, is the state's largest cities and Kanawha County the county government.
    Charleston retains a large number of ancient and different styles of architecture, many have been listed as a national historic sites, most of the city's commercial buildings, with 80 to 115 years of history, is worth careful taste. Kano tile state forest covers an area of 9300 acres, is a good place to get close to nature, you can experience a variety of camping, swimming, picnic, hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing and other projects. Tourists can visit the places, including the Arapaho exploration Museum, and the Museum of Western Virginia, south of Charleston Museum, St. George's Cathedral.
    Blackwater Falls is located in Tucker County of West Virginia in the United States the Blackwater Falls State Park, near Davis, the park is named after the name. The reason was named Blackwater Falls, because a lot of people say that after the black pond falls into.
    Blackwater Falls drop height of 62 feet (19 m), Blackwater River from there slowly flow to cannon Canaan Valley, into the Blackwater canyon. Here is the best scenery in one location, often appear in the calendar, stationery, advertising and all kinds of puzzles in. In fact, the color of Blackwater Falls is not black, but the black rock underground waterfall pond, water is still white.

    Falls Blackwater
    One of the most beautiful waterfalls in the United States.

    Tourist spots:
    1 Blackwater Falls State Park
    2 Lost World Caverns
    3 Oglebay's Good Zoo
    4 Oglebay Park
    5 Smoke Hole Caverns
    6 State Capitol
    7 Theatre West Virginia
    8 Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
    7 New River Groge Bridge
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