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    In recent years, SA province attaches great importance to the exchange with china. 2005, the provincial governor personally led a delegation to visit Beijing, Shandong and other places. In the same year, the government of the government of SA province has set up a special office in Asia, where the development of economic exchanges with China is one of the main work. The delegation of the central and local governments of China also visit and discuss business. With the arrival of more and more Chinese new immigrants in recent years, the development of the Chinese community in recent years, the Chinese community has become more and more eye-catching. At present, there are tens of thousands of overseas Chinese and Chinese students in SA province.
    SA province mining investment hot to attract global investors
    Recently, in the just concluded the 79th Canadian Mining Conference, as Canada important mineral resources Province -- Texas Cameroon withdrawal in Saskatchewan (hereinafter referred to as the Saskatchewan) Pavilion not only fruitful and attract the eyes of many global investors.
    SA Province, the Ministry of Commerce and trade minister Harrison Jeremy and the participants of the Chinese representative of the talks: "SA province not only mining, energy, and agricultural resources are very rich. And SA province's political environment is stable, the government's policy coherence, tax is also very favorable. In recent years, Chinese enterprises began to gradually understand the environment of overseas investment, to come to the Chinese enterprises and individuals to invest in SA province increased the momentum. SA Province, the company also hopes to cooperate with the Chinese enterprises, in addition to more and more exchanges between the two sides."
    SA province is a veritable mining resource province in Canada.
    Mineral resources to uranium is most famous, it also has 78% of Canada's uranium (the world's proven reserves of 3), which accounted for 20% of the total global supply of uranium production; potash accounted for around the world proved reserves of 53%, potash production accounted for three of the world's total output of. SA province also

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