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    The Devils Tower National Monument is a national monument, which belongs to the national park system and is managed by the National Park Service. Each year about 400 thousand tourists visit, attracted 4 thousand people attempt to climb the summit. The main landscape is Huai Wyoming a intrusive igneous rocks or volcanic neck, height of about 386 meters, altitude to 1558 meters, top area about 5005 square meters. In 1977, Steven Spielberg's film "the third contact", the devil's tower is outer space 1 descended to earth locations, so widely known to the world.

    After research, the formation of the devil tower, there are several different versions of the argument, but each is based on volcanic activity. Most scholars have accepted that the rocks of the devil's Tower belong to basalt. In fifty million years ago, this area was buried under the ground, the area of frequent geological activity caused by magma intrusion. And after millions of years, to the bottom of the sedimentary rock cooling and crystallization and hot rock rose and contraction caused by the now see a multilateral cylinder. Finally, the igneous rock texture than the surrounding sedimentary rock hard, long time down wind and water erosion will be less strong sedimentary rocks are etched, and the rest of the devil tower towering stand above the plain of specific landscape.
    Tower Devils
    Must go to reason: the United States first established National Monument

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