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    About missouri Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    Missouri is the hometown of the famous American writer (Mark Twain 1835-1910,) and the story of (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)

    Well-known enterprises:
    1, Emerson Electric Corp (Emerson), 2011 "fortune" the United States 500 companies 120th, the production and sale of electrical appliances, electronics and electrical products.
    2, (Monsanto), in 2011, "fortune" the United States 500 companies 224th, is an agricultural Biotech Corp, the main production of glyphosate herbicide. The company is also genetically modified (GE) seed production.
    3, an off homes - Bush beverage company (Anheuser Busch), headquartered in St. Louis, and its has the world's largest brewing company, the second largest aluminium beer tank factory. Its products are mainly Budweiser (Budweiser), Busch (holding), Michelob (Mi Shilong).

    There are twenty-six state parks in the state of Mississippi, which can be engaged in all kinds of outdoor activities. De Soto, Bean Weil, Delta, Quan, and and the homochitto and National Forest Park, are set to camping and hiking facilities. The state is worth a go place include: located near the city of green wood Buddha Luo river Wude farmland, Massachusetts fortress on the boat to the island, located in Pascagoula the old Spanish Fort, Biloxi lighthouse, located in Oxford University of Mississippi blues music information center, located near the flora stone forest, located in Vicksburg Vicksburg National Military Park, and also located in Vicksburg waterway transportation experiment center. Originally inhabited by Indians, mainly distributed in the Yazoo river basin. The most famous is the capital city of Jackson, Jackson city is called the soul of the city, a strong religious atmosphere. Residents are very friendly. The city has many museums, art galleries, parks, and music lovers of the holy land, can hear all kinds of full of exotic Southern music, such as blues, jazz and soul music. The best time to travel seasons suggest playing days 2 days

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