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    About new-york Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    New York or American culture, art, music and publishing center, there are a large number of museums, art galleries, libraries, scientific research institutions and Art Center, the three major broadcast networks and some influential newspaper, the news agency's headquarters are located here.
    New York is also one of the industrial centers in the United States, clothing, printing, cosmetics and other industries are ranked first in the country, machine manufacturing, military production, oil processing and food processing also occupies an important position. Most of the city's rivers are through the Atlantic, the port is huge, the equipment is excellent, not frozen all year round. New York is also an important hub of rail transport. New York underground railway is more than 1 thousand kilometers, is the world's longest and most efficient subway transportation system. There are 3 international airports in New York, among which the famous Kennedy International Airport is responsible for 50% of the nation's import and export goods and 35% of the international passenger transport business.

    Attractions 1 Of Liberty (Statue)
    The famous statue of Liberty (statue of Liberty) is located in the free island of Manhattan, the statue is not only landmark in New York local, is well-known throughout the United States and one of the landmark buildings every year to attract countless tourists come to stopped to photo, of course, can also be to cruise tour on the island of architectural art.
    Attractions 2 times square
    Times Square in New York all construction standard, can be described as the more famous is the most popular one of the sites, Connaught large square almost covered the all available billboards here every day to attract a passing visitors stopped to take pictures.
    Attractions 3 air Park
    Travel in New York a must see attractions that is elevated across the sky gardens, the air garden can not usually write floor to see the garden in the air like that, it can be said is really hanging garden corridor, walking in the meantime, put the Buddha shuttle in midair.
    Attractions 4 Broadway Theatre
    The Broadway theater, not only every day classic theatrical performances, and occasionally held small musical, visitors to play in this, to take the experience experience the fantastic performances, relax the body and mind.
    Attractions 5 Wall Street
    Wall Street compared to that we all know is the famous financial centers in the United States, here every year attracts the numerous high-end financial talents to join this, visitors can this visit to the New York Stock Exchange, also can be posed for pictures with big bull, feel the feeling of bullish.
    Attractions 6 Metropolitan Museum
    Metropolitan Museum there are 19 museums and millions of Treasures Exhibition, like art treasures of the friends here absolutely let you had been a worthwhile trip.
    Attractions 7 The Empire State Building
    The Empire State Building here can enjoy most of the night view of Manhattan, is a lot of tourists to the United States travel to enjoy the best place to watch the beautiful scenery, easily feel the most beautiful scenery in New York.

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