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    Wichita, Kansas, the biggest city and the center of manufacturing industry, food processing, oil refining and small airplanes manufacturing known; followed by the Kansas City, is the northeastern state of industry and Commerce and the city and Livestock Center and meat processing center. Trans continental railway and highway through Kansas, the state and the convenience of internal and external contact. With University of Kansas, Kansas State University, a number of colleges and universities.

    University of Kansas is located in the center of the United States, Kansas, Laurence, the center of the city, to provide students with the world's first class academic courses, which have more than 345 degree courses to choose from. Ku is evaluation for public universities and colleges in the United States ranked in the top 50 universities in the U. S. news and world report, has been has been recognized as one of the nation's top research universities, set up more than 40 courses, which 26 ranked public university courses of the top 25. Ford car, Microsoft, Samsung Electronics, Coca-Cola and other well-known companies have chosen to develop the most advanced technology and KU teachers and students.
    Located in the northeast corner of the state of Laurence, University of Kansas, located 40 miles northeast of, about 40 miles from Kansas City, Missouri City, Topeka, about 30 miles from the state capital of Kansas, about 80 thousand people.
    Lawrence, established in 1854, and retain the characteristics of central United States pure folk, especially in the crime rate, than the metropolis in the United States than low a lot of. University of Kansas is located near the city center of Laurence, downtown shops, museums, life is convenient. Laurence's price is lower than the East and west coast cities, reducing the burden of life of many overseas students.

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