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    About indiana Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Indiana University create in 1820, American Appalachian Qie sub mountains west of the oldest one of the University, in the country a total of eight campuses, respectively is: Bloomington, Fort Wayne, Gary, Indianapolis, Kokomo, in New Albany, Richmond and South Bend. The eight school a total of more than 4000 teachers, students 93000 people, including graduate students accounted for 19000 people. As a prestigious star University, the University of Indiana has been widely recognized by the community of the United states.

    Ohio River
    Is a continental humid climate, four seasons. The average temperature in January from the south of Evansville, 2 degrees down to northern South Bend - 4 DEG C; both the average temperature in July respectively 26 and 23 degrees Celsius.
    There was a significant difference in annual precipitation, growing season and winter snow in the South and North. Annual rainfall from 850 mm in the north to the south of 1100 mm; growing season from 160 to 180 in the northern part of the north; winter snow from the North 1 meters deep to the South 0.5 meters deep.
    The cold air in the north after the lake absorb a lot of moisture, to the lake to the cold of the south over the ground immediately snow, snow depth can be buried on the road car. In one year, the snow period sometimes more than 6 months, the average annual snowfall of 508 mm or more.
    The main industries are advanced manufacturing, industrial machinery, transportation, logistics and distribution, information technology, life sciences, financial brokers, insurance brokers, etc.. Eli Lilly and company headquarters, FedEx center of America, the second - largest, Toyota North
    America's second largest factory, well-known multinational companies. India has a high proportion of high-tech talent employees, of which the engineering industry and the associated industry employs high-tech personnel accounted for 53% of all industrial high-tech employees in india. In addition, the Indian state is one of the largest agricultural state in the United States, the agricultural economy in the United States is located in ninth place, mainly rich in corn, soybeans, etc.. But in recent years, the importance of agriculture in the Indian economy has shown a downward trend, and the service industry has increased significantly.

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