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    About louisiana Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    Lu state rich in natural resources. With the United States has proven oil accountant 15%, 25% of natural gas reserves. Salt production and purity are ranked first in the United States, annual production of 1200 tons.
    State Road in the subtropical climate and the Mississippi downstream plain fertile soil for the development of agriculture provides a good condition, road, one third of the land area of farmland, rich in sugar cane, potatoes (the nation's second largest origin), rice (nation's third largest producer of, cotton (nation's fifth largest producer) and soybeans. Animal husbandry is also more developed. Rich in aquaculture, the size of the aquaculture industry is the largest in the United States. Fishing accounted for 26% of the United States, ranking second in the United states. Forest area of 590 hectares, accounting for 47% of the total land area, the main economic forest is the United States the most rapid growth of greenhouse pine and pine pine, is the United States wood, paper products, wood, one of the main origin.

    Louisiana is a sub tropical monsoon humid climate. Hot and humid in summer, mild in winter. Annual average temperature, the most northern part is 18 degrees Celsius, the Mississippi River mouth 1. August average maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, the average minimum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius in January. Average growth period was 220-320 days. The average annual rainfall of 1200 mm in Shreve Porter, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge 1600 mm. Abundant rainfall, long growth period, soil fertility is the favorable conditions for the development of agriculture.


    Louisiana is a state in the southern part of the United States, on the Gulf of Mexico. Due to the Louisiana Purchase, and is well known in the world. The state of Louisiana is named for king Louis Xiv of France has a long history, the Indians were the earliest residents of louisiana. There are a lot of colonial cultural imprints left on the Louisiana, including the famous city of New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana is second only to the U.S. to New York's second largest city, known as the jazz and the French colonial culture, its unique style of French architecture, gorgeous gorgeous wonders of the streets and delicious traditional food, attracting many tourists to.

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