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    Two rivers located in the midwestern United States Iowa -- the Mississippi and Missouri river. State percent 93 land into farmland or used with agriculture production is second only to Nebraska, a second agricultural land area ratio of the highest state; food production accounted for about 7 percent of the total output of grain for the whole, especially Iowa production of corn and soybean production has always been the best in the United States. Geographically, Iowa can be roughly divided into three parts: the central and Northern Plains, where the terrain is flat, soft fertile soil, before there is a many marshes, the nineteenth century came to the farmers here water pumped out to become fertile fields, it is now Iowa main grain producing areas in China where; southern and Western Hills, there are crisscrossing waterways, vegetation and land resource rich, is also a suitable for farming and animal husbandry area; Iowa Supreme area in the along the Mississippi River in Northeast, here is basically a 1732, dense forest, a variety of birds haunt them.

    Temperate continental climate. Hot summer and cold winter. Northwest in January the average temperature of -9 degrees, the southeast of -4 degrees, the storm can be reduced to -34. July average temperature of 34 degrees Celsius, very hot. Maritime tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico often brings thunderstorms. The northwestern part of the average annual rainfall of 711 mm, 864 mm in the south, most of the fall in the summer. Winter snowfall is less than that of the eastern and Northern states. There is often a drought, especially in the northwest.

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