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    Education Culture: the state has 6 public universities and colleges, 3 private colleges, 8 community colleges, foreign language colleges and 777 primary and secondary schools. University of University of Montana (of Montana University), Montana State University (State University Montana), etc.. The famous performing arts groups have the Billings symphony and chorus, Montana, Montana ballet troupe of actors. The main museum has C.M. Russell Museum, the Plains Indian Museum, the Rocky Mountain Museum, etc.. Park northeast part of Yellowstone National Park, located in Montana, Yellowstone National Park (Yellowstone National Park) is located in known as known as "America" the backbone of the Rocky Mountains, is the United States National Park, meters 2134-2438 altitude, an area of 8956 square kilometers. Advantage industry Agriculture and animal husbandry, the state is an agricultural state, the output of the wheat, barley, oats, sugar, sugar beet, dairy products ranks the forefront of the national, the livestock product revenue accounted for two-thirds of the total income of agriculture, the number of cattle ranks second in the country, the number of sheep for third place in the country. Mineral resources are rich in the mineral: Montana copper, antimony, sandstone, mica, phosphate, copper production accounted for half of the total output of the statewide metal, is located in the state in southwestern Butte is the world famous mining town. Forestry: western mountainous, timber yield rich. Tourism: Yellowstone National Park, Glacier Park and Flathead Lake are well-known tourist destination.
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