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    Maryland Baltimore city. Is the largest city in Maryland. Is an important port city of the Atlantic. Southwest from Washington, DC60 multi kilometer. Urban area of more than and 200 square kilometers, a population of 73.6 million blacks accounted for 55%. Large urban areas, including the surrounding 6 counties, an area of 5673 square kilometers. Is an important economic and cultural city in the eastern part of the United States. The Europeans arrived here in the early seventeenth Century. Built in 1811 to the mainland
    Railway。 1827 in the United States the first railway (Baltimore - Russian Russia Illinois cough, opening). In 1830, when the Delaware canal was opened to navigation, the distance from sea to sea was greatly reduced, and the city of Baltimore quickly grew into a port and a trade city in the east of the United States. She is also an important cultural and medical city in the United States. John Hopkins University, National Institute of applied research, National Institute of Health Sciences, Hopki. Here once for many domestic and foreign presidents, the king of the first class of the heavyweight who had surgery. Is a world famous medical research center. Many medical staff have been trained to be proud of it. It is the first of 16 consecutive years in more than 5 thousand medical schools in the United States. The Locomotive Museum, which has kept the train head in various periods, shows the development history of the locomotive. The city as well as the early history of the United States and cultural treasures and historical sites. It is the birthplace of the national anthem, the national anthem is still preserved in the state historical association. City
    The Washington Monument, Fort McHenry to defend the war memorial, marine aquarium, the world trade building are tourists. Baltimore, the largest city in the United States, the Atlantic, the United States is an important port city of Maryland.
    Transport facilities: Maryland is located in the east coast of the United States transportation development is the most perfect in the center in the region, port of Baltimore. The deep level,
    location, year 40 million tons of throughput, than any of the Pacific port from the American Midwest to nearly. Have two level railway line (CSX and Norfolk Southern) runs the length of Maryland,
    another five short-term; six interstate highway to state in all major markets linked, overnight truck to transport the goods to the region of the United States one third of the population (about 1 million) accounted for. Three international airports in Maryland are 1 hours away from Baltimore City, and are able to provide full service of air cargo, including 24 hours of air cargo and customs services.
    马里兰大学系统(University System of Maryland)
    马里兰大学学院市分校(College Park)
    马里兰大学安公主市分校(Princess Anne)
    寇平州立学院(Coppin State College)
    包伊州立学院(Bowie State College)
    霜堡州立大学(Frostburg State University)
    马里兰州圣玛莉学院(St. Mary’s College of Maryland)
    沙利斯伯利州立大学(Salisbury State University)
    美国海军学院( US Naval Academy)
    约翰霍普金斯大学(Johns Hopkins University)是该州最有名的私立大学,在US NEWS提供的最新排名中局第13位。
    圣约翰学院(St. John’s College)
    罗耀拉学院(Loyola College)
    巴尔的摩大学(University of Baltimore)
    西马里兰学院(Western Maryland College)
    护德学院(Hood College)
    华盛顿学院(Washington College)
    维拉·朱利学院(Villa Julie College)

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