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    (Alabama): known as the "heart of Dick West" (of Dixie Heart), because it is located in the heart of the southern states of the United states. "Dick West" (Dixie) itself is the nickname of the southern United states. When the Louisiana printed banknotes, the French have also been printed onto the bill 10 (ten) word deece (D-I-X). Evolved from Deece or Dixie to the word D-I-X.
    (Alaska), known as "the last frontier" (Last Frontier). The state, near the Arctic Circle, is the last state to be detected and settled in the United States.
    (Arizona),: alias is called "the Grand Canyon State" (Grand Canyon), known to the world as the seven wonders of the canyon. The canyon is located in the Colorado River (Colorado River).
    (Arkansas): a nickname called "opportunity," the land of opportunity), the nickname is selected by the state legislature. Arkansas is rich in natural resources, has become the best place for the elderly to retire.
    (California): a nickname is "Jinzhou (Golden State)" (Golden State). In 1848, a large number of gold was discovered in California, which triggered a gold rush.
    (Colorado), whose alias is "Centennial State" (Centennial State, because it became a state in eighteen seventy-six, exactly one hundred years after the nation declared its independence.
    (Connecticut), nicknamed "the Nutmeg State" (Nutmeg State). Connecticut Yankee (Connecticut Yankees, living people in the northeastern part of the state on their title) it will do business. It is said that they are so smart, so that they can sell inferior fake wooden nutmeg to strangers.
    (Delaware), a nickname for the "first state" (first state), because it is the first state to pass the current federal constitution.
    (Florida): a nickname called "Sunshine State" (Sunshine State). The highest GDP state in the United states. Important cities are: Losangeles, San Francisco, Santiago (Diego San).
    (Georgia): its nickname is the "Peach State" (Peach State), because there grows some of the sweetest fruit in america.
    (Hawaii): the state named "love the Lockhart" (Aloha State). Hawaii is the only state in the United States is completely surrounded by the sea, by the formation of the island state.
    (Maryland): also known as the "free state" (Free State). In the 1920s, when manufacturing and production of wine once banned during, Maryland said it wanted to get rid of the prohibition, a Baltimore newspaper first so called Maryland (Maryland).
    (Mississippi): nickname is "Magnolia, Magnolia State, the name to a tree growing in the hot southern state of magnolia tree, the tree with beautiful white flowers large flowers.
    (Missouri): also known as the "certificate of state" (Show Me State). Residents of the border states have been told to do anything they don't believe people tell them.
    (Montana): nickname thinking "township of the sky" (big sky country, also called it "wealth," although the area is large, but relatively few people, the economy in agriculture and animal husbandry mainly.
    (Nebraska): a nickname is "Cornhusker" (Cornhuskers). State University sports teams of the state due to the area of one of the main crops of corn, and give yourself named "peel corn bran hayseed" (Cornhuskers), Nebraska from the University borrowed "peel corn bran bumpkins" (Cornhusker) this name as an alias for it.
    (Nevada): also known as the "Silver State" (Silver State). It was a lot of silver in and around them to build up town. Now most of the silver mines and towns has been empty, in ruins.
    (New Hampshire): the state in the northeast area called New England. Its nickname is the Granite State (Granite State), named because of its rich and colorful granite.
    (New Jersey): a nickname for "Garden State" (Garden State), because its commodity vegetable farm once to those big cities with vegetables.
    (New York): a always lets the human think of state, called "empire," Empire State), because of its natural wealth. The most famous Manhattan skyscraper (skyscraper Manhattan) because of the state's name, for granted, it is called The Empire State Building (State Building Empire).
    (New Mexico): nickname as "the land of Enchantment" land of enchantment), because in the territory of Christ Santa Sangre mountains (the Sangre de Cristo Mountains watching the red sunset, the scenery is very charming.
    (South Carolina): nicknamed "the Palmetto State" (Palmetto State, because of fan-shaped leaves of palm tree that grows there.
    (North Carolina): a nickname is "Tar Heel State" (Tar Heel State). This is because many engaged in collecting turpentine workers from the trees are bare feet, they will from turpentine in the smelting of the turpentine and their heel stained black, sticky tar.
    (Ohio) a: nicknamed "the Buckeye State" (Buckeye State because of a kind of the fruit like chestnuts aescin fruit tree gets its name.

    (Oklahoma): also known as the "first state" (Sooner State), this is because a piece of land was bought in 1889. Some colonists came to this area, and the first step to claim that this place is their. They were "a little bit earlier" in the state of Oklahoma, by means of deception.
    (Pennsylvania): also known as the "Keystone State" (Keystone State). Just like the stone in the heart of the arch stone, Pennsylvania is regarded as a link between the United States of America (Republic American), and the United States of America. Pennsylvania is sometimes called "the Quaker State" (Quaker State). Its founder, William Payne, and most of his followers are Protestant Quaker believers.
    (Rhode Island): a nickname for "Ronaldinho" (Little Rhody), because of its small size and name. Rhode Island than Losangeles, California (Angeles Los) around the region is also small.
    (Tennessee): also known as the "Volunteer State" (Volunteer State). In that war of 1812 against the British and they volunteered to join Tennessean Andrew Jackson men, and his defense Louisiana New Orleans (New Orleans) in Texas (Texas): nicknamed "the Lone Star State" lone star state, because the State Flag of only a star named. It is a symbol of the state of Texas, which was once an independent state in the fight against Mexico in order to achieve autonomy.
    (Utah): also known as the "Beehive State" (Beehive State). But it is not more than any other, honeycomb, honeycomb, "this name is a symbol of the LDS Church industrious.
    (Vermont): also known as the "Green Mountain State" (Green Mountain State). Named because of its beautiful green mountain.
    (Virginia): a nickname for "Old Dominion" (Old Dominion). Belonging to the transition zone between the north and the south. The northern population is dense, similar to the capital city of Washington, the southern part of the city is still a conservative tone of the formation of agricultural life for centuries. President's birth rate is the most Gaozhou, a total of 8 Presidents were born here.
    (West Virginia): the nineteen sixties away from Virginia. It is called "mountain," the mountain state, is entirely because of the ancient Appalachian Mountains.
    (Wyoming): also known as the "Cowboy State" (Cowboy State). As a result of a herd of cattle transported to the east of the region named.

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