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    About massachusetts Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    (University Harvard), referred to as Harvard, is located in the United States, Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a world-renowned private research university, is a member of the famous Ivy League school. Here out of the 8 bits of the president of the United States of America, hundreds of Nobel Prize winner had on this work, learning,
    and it has high academic status and great influence in many fields of literature, medicine, law, business, etc., is recognized as is the world's top institutions of higher education in one of the
    Culture and education: education developed, state colleges and universities 116, the average per 5 million people have a, which most famous is Harvard University (founded in 1636) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (founded in 1861). Schools in the capital of Boston City West of the city of Bridge ridge. In addition, the Boston University (founded in 1869), Massachusetts State University (founded in 1863) is a famous American university.
    The Boston Symphony Orchestra is one of the world's first class bands. Boston The Freedom Trail tour, Boston delicacy Festival and the Boston Museum attracts many tourists. Harvard University and related university city tourism today sought after.

    regional distribution
    Massachusetts north of New Hampshire and Vermont, West Meets New York State, South by Connecticut and Rhode Island, the East is the facing the Atlantic Ocean. A Martha Vineyard island and nantuck island outside the Southeast coast.
    Historical culture
    Massachusetts, 1621 11, held at the end of thanksgiving. This is the "Thanksgiving Day" in the United States, usually the last Thursday of November. After 1730, with the Massachusetts Bay Town, Boston has become a major port. British troops evacuated Boston in 1776. Joined the Union in 1788, one of the first 13 states for the independence of the United States.
    Boston is a very well educated city, perhaps because of the reputation of the intellectuals; many of Boston originated from its universities. [27] the city has a number of gorgeous theaters, there are Cutler Grand Theater (Majestic Theatre), the Boston opera house, Wang An performing arts center, the Schubert theatre and the Orpheum theatre. The Boston Ballet, the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Lyric Opera, Boston Baroque and Handel and Haydn Association, the oldest chorus in the famous performing arts groups. Here every year there are a lot of important events, such as the new year on the eve of the first night of the show, and in the United States Independence Day during sustained a week harbour Festival (Harborfest), the Boston Pops concert held, and the Charles River fireworks.

    亚当斯国家历史遗址Adams National Historic Site
    美国纺织历史博物馆American Textile History Museum
    了望岬国家海岸Cape Cod National Seashore
    哈佛大学校园Harvard University
    新英格兰水族馆New England Aquarium
    老州议会厅Old State House
    五月花号船Mayflower II
    新贝德福德捕鲸博物馆New Bedford Whaling Museum

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