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    About quebec Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    North America's largest Notre Dame Cathedral was built in 1829. It is located in Durham old town square (place d 'armes) opposite is symbol of the city of Montreal. The Neo Gothic Roman Catholic religious shrines, its architectural style and Paris's Notre Dame can be referred to as a companion, but in fact really spectacular is its internal magnificent decoration and many art collections.
    Approached the church, the front is the three towering arches, each door has a statue, one of which is in the middle of the stars around the statue of the virgin mary. On both sides of the church Front Gate respectively is 70 meter high Twin Towers, west tower hung a North America's oldest giant bell. The Church of the appearance of a very magnificent, solemn. Basilique Notore-Dame is the need to charge, but the absolute value of the ticket.
    After the ticket when you step into the church, as if into a beautiful decoration, incomparable holiness of the world. Cathedral as one of the most spectacular is the dome of its boldness grand, almost all into the Church of the visitors will be up to enjoy the beautiful dome. Living in tall and spacious prayer hall, the blue ceiling in the light refraction issued such as the emerald like touching the holy light. With thousands of stars with pure gold dome, the cathedral as the stars shine. After visiting the interior of the church, came to the altar, there is a corridor leads to the rear of the church, the Church of the sacred heart. Walk in the corridor, along the way you can enjoy some of the religious murals, vestments and exquisite silverware. The Church of the sacred heart is not big, but also very beautiful, here is the native place of marriage, also known as the wedding hall.
    Canada's famous female singer Schilling Dion is here at the wedding. Carved wooden spiral stairs on both sides of the Sacred Heart Cathedral entrance, and in the entrance of the above is a small organ. Church of the sacred heart in overwhelming exquisite bronze decorative painting, a huge picture of the murals you Wan Wan Road to a another world to experience all kinds of hardships, eventually reaching the religious story of the kingdom of heaven.
    The Museum of natural ecology is one of the famous museums in Montreal. It is next to the Olympic Stadium, which is converted from the original bicycle racing venues. Opening 1992. Museum is divided into tropical rain forest, the polar region, Canada deciduous forest, St. Lawrence River and other four ecological areas show throughout the Americas from tropical rain forests to the north and south pole of the natural ecology, there are a large number of rare animals and plants for people to visit. Park a total of more than 4000 animals and 5000 plants, as well as the aquarium, loved by tourists.

    National War Park
    In eighteenth Century seventeen, the war between Britain and France, Quebec city become the target for the british. A battle in 1759, the city was finally caught in the hands of the war, the park is built to commemorate the battle. For Quebec City, the park is like a "green lung" of the ancient city of North America, like the Central Park in New York and the Hyde Park in London. [1]
    Maria palace of the Virgin Mary
    Founded in 1647, it is the oldest church building in North America, and the first bishop of North America. Palace decorated luxury, many ancient painting is very valuable. The building is a baroque, about two different shape steeple is the biggest feature. [2]
    Star Castle
    Is the Royal 22 regiment of Quebec resident, the most famous military defense fortress on the North American continent, for North America's largest military castle, the shape of the building is in the shape of the stars. Castle stands on the cliffs of the St. Lawrence River, the guardian of the St. Lawrence River Transportation pharynx and larynx, is called when the British Empire in North America the strongest fortress, also known as the Gibraltar of North America. Castle surrounded by the old city, the old city attractions are required to walk on foot, walk along the narrow winding alleys or sit old-fashioned horse drawn cars, do not have fun. Visitors can visit the small museum and museum. [3]
    Castle Hotel
    (Frontenac Chateau)
    Is located the north shore of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City in the old city of the St. Lawrence River, with noble and eternal charm. It not only acts as a Quebec City landmark building role, more known as "global appearance rate the highest and the most photogenic Hotel". [4]
    Montmorency Fall
    Is the highest waterfall in Quebec, 30 meters higher than the Niagara Falls, is a very magnificent waterfall.

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