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    About georgia Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    University of Georgia Is the United States the first four years of public university, established in 1785, located in Georgia in Athens, Athens, but also the nation's oldest research university and Georgia State University System of the largest institutions of higher learning. In Georgia (Georgia) is a has a good teacher quality indicators of institutions of higher learning, the University of Georgia University of Georgia is the United States first by state funded university support, composed of 14 colleges and one research, in the university curriculum provides 173 in the different areas of the 19 species of bachelor's degree Atlanta
    Nine tourist area: Metropolitan Atlanta, southern classic, off the coast of Georgia, history center, historical heights, Yulan central, Georgia northeast mountains, planting park area, the president of the channel.
    The natural landscape: Saji A's coast, Simon Island, Jekyll Island, Savannah Sapelo Island, Cumberland island.
    Attractions: the Georgia Aquarium (Atlanta), CNN cable news network (Atlanta), the new Coca Cola World (Atlanta), Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Museum (Atlanta), Stone Mountain Park (Atlanta), history of antique city (Savannah), Ao Kefu, Nokia Marsh (Waycross city and Davis,).
    Water park and theme park: Georgia a six flags Park (Atlanta), six flags Whitewater water world, wave soft spray amusement park, Jie Kou Island: Summer waves, Lake Lanier islands shore and water park, wild water Adventure theme park.
    Animals and Zoo: Zoo Atlanta (Atlanta, Georgia), wild animal park (North Georgia Songshan), Yellow River wildlife hunting ranch (Atlanta, Georgia, Lilburn). .
    Museum of Magic: the beautiful land of art galleries, hay Art Museum (Atlanta), Margaret Michael former residence and gone with the wind Museum (Atlanta), the natural history museum (Atlanta), Yuanjing painting (Atlanta), Morris Museum of Art (Augusta), Terfel Museum of Art (Savannah). [7]
    Famous city
    Albany, classical fan Xiang -- the city of Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, New Brunswick and the Golden Island, Columbus, Mei Ken City, romantic love song -- the city of Savannah.

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