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    About oregon Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Major industries in Oregon are manufacturing, agriculture, services, trade and finance; the main products are electronic and semiconductor products, wood and wood products, metal and metal products, aircraft, food, paper, etc..
    Agriculture and animal husbandry: the main production of wheat, vegetables and fruits, such as agricultural products, instant bean, mint, sweet cherry, Gan Lanhe strawberry production in the United States occupies leading position; livestock mainly cattle, calves, poultry and dairy products; Oregon is the main origin of species in the world, grass production accounted for 60% of the total world output, focused on the United States the main lawn seed company, has 1500 grass planting field. Since 80s of last century, wine brewing has gradually developed into an important industry in the state, the area of grape planting acres of acres, more than 400 wineries.
    Fisheries: Oregon coastal and Columbia river rich tuna and salmon, salmon processing center is one of the world's largest fishery processing in Astoria (Astoria).
    Forestry: Oregon has 12 million 400 thousand hectares of lush forest land (about half of the state), is the largest u.s.. Timber processing has traditionally been the main industry in the state, the annual timber production accounts for about 25% of the country's total timber production, the production of plywood accounts for about 70% of the country, up to more than 5 billion feet of wood production.
    Water: Oregon has a large number of dams, most of which are on the Columbia River, providing the state with full and cheap electricity. John John (Day Hydropower Station) is one of the world's largest hydropower station. Water resources are one of the largest assets in the state.
    Mining: Oregon nickel ore production ranked first.
    Tourism: Oregon in the beautiful beaches of the Pacific coast, lakes and mountains make tourism become another important industry in the state, with 13 National Forest Park, a national grassland Park and more than 220 State Park.
    Mt. hood is located on a mountain in the northwest Oregon. 3429 meters elevation on Mount Hood, Oregon's highest peak, the fourth summit of the Cascade range, the mountains from British admiral Samuel hood.
    On Mount Hood is an active volcano, the last eruption was in 1866. In the past 15 years, there have been four large volcanic eruption, eruption of nearby areas caused a huge impact, it is hailed as one of the most dangerous volcano Mount Hood. Hu Deshan is the highest mountain in Oregon, and relatively easy to climb, every year there will be 10000 people to climb a mountain. Hu Deshan has 12 glaciers and snow area, Eliot glacier is the largest glacier, 80% of the glaciers are more than 2100 meters. Hu Deshan snow area has become Oregon famous ski resort, every year there will be a lot of people to the ski.
    Hood Mount
    One of the ten most dangerous volcanoes in the United States.

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