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    American state of New Mexico standing people dubbed "the charm of the state", but the facts are true, magic of the desert landscape, alpine playground and long before Columbus arrived in thousands of years of adobe community building, but there is no denying the fact is New Mexico also has a dark side.
    Like many villages in the northeast corner of the United States of the Mississippi River and the Cimarron River West, New Mexico, also known as "cowboy".
    Santa Fe 7000 feet above sea level is the highest capital, often reminiscent of the old West, especially in the centre of the city square rulers palace, the palace was built in 1610 is in New Mexico became a state in the United States for more than 300 years ago. This "city of faith" also has a lot of wonders, such as the ring of Larry's church.
    White Sands National Park in New Mexico in the United States, Chihuhuan the desert of the north of the Tularosa basin, the natural wonders of the world's most famous one. Here, huge wave like gypsum dunes cover about 300 square miles of desert areas. Dunes have been in the constantly repeated changes, the growth, reached its peak, and then collapse, desert in the constantly advancing sand covers everything in its path.
    Clayton Huzhou park is located in the United States of New Mexico, was founded in 1965, covers an area of 471 acres, the name comes from the park's Clayton Lake (Lake Clayton). Park covers an area of 170 acres of artificial lake and dinosaur footprints and known, since 2010, this park is known to the world because of the stars.

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