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    About texas Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Transport facilities, convenient transportation, highway with a total length of more than 48 million kilometers, ranking first in the nation's; airport more than 30, which Dallas DFW International Airport is the second largest airport, Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport is the fourth largest airport. In addition, Dezhou has 29 ports and Inland Waterway Port, which is the first port of Houston, the United States foreign trade, the total volume of the United States and the United States second. Due to the unique geographical location, Dezhou is still connected to North America and Latin America's important trade hub.

    For a long time, Texas mainly rely on the abundant natural resources in the development of economy, are renowned for their energy industry is famous in the world, is America's largest energy producing state.
    Oil and gas: Dezhou's oil and natural gas production accounts for of the nation's total output of 1/3 and 1/4, refining capacity of 27% of the United states. Beginning in 1980s, Dezhou, the implementation of economic diversification policy, the current oil and gas is still the main industry in Dezhou, but the proportion has declined.
    Agriculture and animal husbandry: more developed agriculture in Dezhou, the third largest in the United States, the main agricultural products are cotton, sorghum and other grains, vegetables and fruits. The animal husbandry of Dezhou is the highest in the nation, mainly beef cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry.
    High tech industry: the high-tech industry in Texas in recent years rapid development, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, Delta region is called the second "Silicon Valley", the Houston area has become all over the country, and even the world's largest medical training and treatment center.

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