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    About kentucky Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    Art Museum in Kansas, Wichita Art Museum, located in the Kansas State University Helen history Bense Art Museum, Lawrence Arts Center, located in Wichita supporting State University of Edwin yourui odd art museum, located in the Washburn University of Mu Wenyibo Museum. Kansas other museums are located in Kansas Hutchinson (Hutchison) keep the universe and Space Center, located in Wichita, science center, located in the hoste (Halstead, Kansas Health Museum, located in the Museum of anthropology at the University of Kansas. Hayes (Hays) and is located in the city of Ford Hayes State University (Fort Hays State University) of the Museum of natural history. [3]

    Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site 1.Abraham
    2 Living Adsmore History Museum
    3 Ashland
    4 Arboretum Bernheim and Research Forest
    5 Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Cumberland Gap National Historical Park
    6 Farmington
    7 Cemetery Frankfort
    8 Kentucky Jockey Club Museum Derby Museum Kentucky
    9 Down Kentucky Under/Kentucky Caverns
    10 History Center Kentucky
    11 Kentucky Horse Park Kentucky Horse Park
    12 Hall Liberty Historic Site
    13 Grove Locust Historic Home
    14 Science Center Louisville
    15 Zoo Louisville
    16 Mark Distillery Maker's
    17 Mammoth Cave National Park Mammoth Cave National Park
    18 Todd Mary Lincoln House
    19 Old My Kentucky Home State Park
    20 national Corvette Museum Corvette Museum National
    21 Barton Museum Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor[4]

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