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    About tennessee Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Headquarters is located in Tennessee, the Tennessee Valley Authority (Tennessee Valley Authority) is the nation's largest public power system, to ensure that low-cost electricity is supplied, it is one of the hair power maximum power system. Tennessee's potential employers can save a lot of energy costs.
    Culture and education: 54 colleges and universities in Tennessee, 29 two-year college and community college, which 9 public universities, renowned private schools have van de Castle University, Belmont University and the University of the south, AI kwena, college.
    Tennessee provides a mix of architectural style, art, literary heritage, recreational activities, and various cultural venues and facilities. In terms of culture, Tennessee combines classical and modern, people can learn from the local traditional culture, at the same time, feel the cultural atmosphere from all over the world. The first American born poor president, Andrew Jackson, came from Tennessee.

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