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    New Jersey is rich in tourist attractions. Atlantic City is a coastal city on the coast of the Atlantic, New Jersey, New York, only more than and 100 kilometers away from, the world's entertainment, and the western United States, Las Vegas, tied for the United States two major entertainment city. This is a luxury spending place. The beautiful scenery of the Atlantic, formed a strong contrast with the lustrous and dazzling diorama entertainment city. In Trenton, the capital of New Jersey, there are veterans of the museum, the State Museum of New Jersey, Hooke Sandy National Recreation Area, Moss Park, and other attractions. In addition, in Jersey City, Newark also have a unique style of the natural scenery and human landscape.
    Optimal travel time
    New Jersey seasons tourism. New Jersey continental climate characteristics are very obvious. July average temperature of 21-24 degrees Celsius; in January the average temperature of -2-3.

    As the United States economic center of New Jersey, there are many rich products. New Jersey beautiful scenery, there are many attractions for visitors to appreciate. Pleasant scenery here, the four seasons are suitable for play, is your best choice to travel abroad. We tell you what April pay attention to travel to New Jersey? Losangeles Tourism Group
    As a coastal city of New Jersey, in addition to the United States with a unique downtown, the appropriate climate, the geographical location of the sea, you can enjoy the blue sky and the sea of the unique delicate convergence. Of course, in order to better play, travel must be done before the matter should be timely attention to changes in local weather, so that the weather can be reduced to travel to bring the inconvenience.

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