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    About virginia Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    Transport facilities: Virginia has unique geographical advantages, two thirds of the U.S. population within the radius of 750 miles, is one of America's busiest international airport and Washington Dulles International Airport (Washington Dulles International Airport is located, is the fifth busiest port of Hampton Roads (Hampton Roads port location. The combination of the airport and seaport improves the connected with the ability of the global economy.
    The total mileage of 110124 kilometers of the highway 93128 km by the Virginia transport department operations, is the third largest highway network in the United States, the general highway network of the United States sixteenth. From the point of view of the country the United States, the Washington Metropolitan area traffic environment columns across the country from the bottom second, and across Virginia traffic is not crowded, in the traffic congestion a ranking list on the 21st, belongs to the smooth passage of the column, average commuting time for 26.9 minutes.
    The five airports: Washington Dulles International Airport, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Richmond International Airport, Norfolk International Airport and Newport News - Williamsburg International Airport. In order to meet the needs of aviation services, the airport also has 66 airport service centers.
    Business costs: Virginia's business costs are low, especially in the country ranked seventh and ninth in taxes and energy costs, and the cost of the integrated enterprise is 9% lower than the national average.
    Forbes magazine for four consecutive years Virginia rated as the best in the state that the state has the unique geographical location, perfect infrastructure construction, high-quality talent reserves, and preferential policies of government investment. In the six indicators of enterprise cost, economic environment, growth prospects, labor, quality of life and the legal environment, each of which is in the top ten.

    Commonwealth of Virginia
    Administrative region class state
    Belonging to area USA
    Government resident Richmond
    The geographical position is latitude 36 degrees 31'to 39 degrees 37'
    Area of 110784 square kilometers
    The population of 8,326,289 (2014)
    Famous attractions in Erkki Croft Hall

    Virginia balanced economic development, has many sources of income, Quanzhou has 4100000 ordinary workers engaged in the third industry, 1/3.
    Economic indicators: in 2011 Virginia GDP for $428900000000, column tenth 50 states America, accounting for the United States and the proportion of GDP 2.86%, GDP52974 dollars per capita.

    Hampton roads (Hampton Roads) (metropolitan area)
    Virginia Beach (Virginia Beach)
    Norfolk (Norfolk)
    Chesapeake (Chesapeake)
    Richmond (Richmond)
    Arlington (Arlington) (county)
    Newport news (Newport News)
    Hampton (Hampton)
    Alexandria (Alexandria)
    Portsmouth (Portsmouth)
    Loa Knock (Roanoke)
    Suffolk (Suffolk)
    Lin Qibao (Lynchburg)
    Reston (Reston) (not a government town)
    Denvir (Danville)
    Sherlock Sewell (Charlottesville)
    Harrison (Harrisonburg)
    Hei Bao (Blacksburg) (town)
    Mike Leen (McLean) (not a government town)
    Manacas (Manassas)
    Fort Peters (Petersburg)
    MEKA Nikos Weil (Mechanicsville) (not a government town)
    Salem (Salem)
    Winchester (Winchester)
    Staunton (Staunton)
    Hope Weil (Hopewell)
    Fairfax (Fairfax)
    Fredericksburg (Fredericksburg)
    Wayans Bohle (Waynesboro)
    Bristow (Bristol)
    Vienna (Vienna) (town)
    Fort Williams (Williamsburg)
    Falls Church City (Falls Church)
    Lexington (Lexington) [2]

    Virginia, a famous university

    USA Military University -- American Military University
    Awoleite College -- Averett College
    The Atlantic University -- Atlantic University
    Blue Field College -- Bluefield College
    Bliki Voight College -- Bridgewater College
    Christendom College -- Christendom College
    Chris Dover, Newport University -- Christopher Newport University

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