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    Into Hawaii
    Hawaii (English: Hawaii) on August 21, 1959 became the 50th state of the United States, composed of the Hawaiian Islands, located in the North Pacific, 3700 km from the United States, total area 16633 square kilometers of belongs to the Pacific coast. The capital is Honolulu. In 1778 to 1898 years, Hawaii is also known as the "Sandwich Islands" (Islands Sandwich). It is the most southern states in addition to, is also the only one in the United States are all located in the tropical state; it and Alaska is States, only two is not connected with the other states of the state, but also the United States only a no any land in the Americas,. The Hawaii islands, which are located in the central Pacific Ocean, extend 1523 miles above the surface of the ground. Formed by the volcano 8 main islands, 124 islands in the encirclement in each island near the reef, and spires.
    Best season: all seasons. Hawaii has only two seasons: Summer (May to October) and winter (November to April). Winter is warm, summer is more warm, that is to say the Hawaii year round climate is pleasant, even if it is winter, Hawaii is only occasionally rain or cloud cover, or can bask in a lot of sun.
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