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    About arkansas Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    University of Arkansas, a total of 9 colleges and 56 departments, covering the natural science, engineering science, music, agriculture, life sciences, business, construction, law, education, arts and humanities, and many other research areas. Among them, the school in the construction, agriculture, business, history, industrial engineering, Middle East Research and other areas of research in the United States enjoys high reputation. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of state Hilary are in the political arena before the school of law. University of Arkansas has received a single donation from WAL-MART's Walton Sam family of up to $300 million, the highest recorded in the history of the United States public universities to accept donations. Science and technology development
    Arkansas research institutions in the field of petroleum and chemical technology, food processing technology, modern agricultural technology and poultry breeding technology research highlights. The Ministry of agriculture has a national rice research center in Stuttgart, the state. [2]
    Transportation editor
    The transportation industry is quite developed, the highway network is spread all over the network, with about 60
    Arkansas Transportation
    The transportation industry is quite developed, the highway network is spread all over the network, with about 60
    Little Rock
    A container transportation company. The state has a railway 4800 kilometers, 12 kilometers long highway, including interstate highway about 1000 km. Highway length of 12 kilometers, including the interstate highway about 1000 km. There are five airlines. [6] major cities are built with the airport.
    Tourism has gradually become one of the important industries in Afghanistan. Arkansas, a beautiful natural environment, is a good place for hunting, camping, climbing, hiking and fishing and other outdoor activities. North West Mountain also has hot springs resources.

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