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    Tourism mainly refers to non residents to travel to Alaska. During the summer period from May to September every year is the prime time to travel to Alaska, because summer is the most comfortable and pleasant season in Alaska. People usually use cruise ships, aircraft, high-speed road and ferry in three ways. Alaska Travel Industry Association (Alaska Travel Industry Association) is Alaska's official tourism marketing agencies, is mainly responsible for the promotion of Alaska is rich in tourism resources and tourism projects throughout the year coverage and publicity the Alaska Highway and highway of water travel tour transportation services, enhance small tourism service content, such as fishing sports tourism, cultural tourism, eco-tourism and other and publicity at the same time catering and accommodation services, for tourists and its more than 1000 members establish contact platform, provide support and help. [4]
    2011 5-9 months, a total of 156 people went to Alaska tourism, compared with 2010 growth of 2%. Of which 57% take the cruise, 39% take the plane, there are 4% car. Tourists spent a total of $15, not including round-trip fare. 83% of visitors come from the United states.
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