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    About colorado Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism
    City and population: the population of about 511 million (2011), ranking the twenty-second place in the United states. Among them, whites accounted for 83.7% of the total population, blacks accounted for 3.8%, statewide there are 64 counties, the state capital is Denver (Denver), has a population of about 59.9 million, for the Colorado politics, trade, financial and manufacturing center. At an altitude of a mile high, it is also called a mile high city ". Colorado Springs (Springs) is a United States Air Force officer school. Larger cities and Aurora (Aurora) and Lake Wood (Lakewood).
    History: Colorado formerly Arapahoe, Cetinne and Utah and other tribes of Indians living still has an approximately 9, 000 Indians lived in the state. In the 16th and 17th centuries, Spanish and French has come to this, Spanish explorers see colorful rocks in the Rocky Mountain, ordered here named "Colorado", meaning "red". In 1803, the United States through the Louisiana Purchase Agreement to obtain the eastern part of the state of large tracts of land, in 1859, the Pikes Peak gold was discovered, rushed to the Nuggets, statehood in 1876, the 100th anniversary of American independence, so it is "a hundred years," said, as the 38 states.

    Culture and education: Colorado public education, culture is more developed, the State University in energy, mining, environmental protection, biotechnology, pharmacology, genetics, new materials, aerospace, meteorology, telecommunication and computer field research is the world leading level. Currently there are Colorado mining college, Colorado State University, University of Colorado and other 8 well-known colleges and universities, 81 colleges and universities, more than 1 thousand and 771 public schools and 499 private schools, students 86. University of International Relations, University of Denver with the United States and China cooperation center.
    Colorado is a cultural and historical center, with rich tourism resources, winter is a ski resort, summer is a good place for climbers. Rocky Mountain National Park and May Shar Di National Park is the state's most popular attractions. The Olympic training center in Colorado, a "Denver post" and "Rocky Mountain News newspaper".

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