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    North Carolina, and South Carolina, StateofSouthCarolina was originally a place called Carolina ProvinceofCarolina, to commemorate the British king Charlie Thi. Because of the English king's name Charles, when it was written in Latin, it was Carolus. 1712 is divided into two states in the north and south.
    Features two: first, agriculture, tobacco production can reach seven hundred million pounds per year, in the States, the first. In recent years, as a result of the implementation of smoking cessation health authorities in the United States, yield decreasing. Second, cotton industry for the state crown. In Shallotte Charlotte as the center, there are many small textile industries around the city. Harbert Island Ken fresh water factory.
    Rowley is the capital of North Carolina and the county seat of the county government, because of the growing number of oaks, so it is also known as the city of oaks". The city is North Carolina Sherlock after the more than and 2 Relay's second city, is one of the rapid development of the city.
    Raleigh North Carolina well-known tourist city, many kinds of attractions and each unique charm, fascinating unceasingly, become a city tour in North Carolina, most can not be missed. The city offers a variety of entertainment opportunities for citizens and visitors. Rich and colorful of the museum is the most strong local historical and cultural atmosphere of the city, to visit the museum with Raleigh Museum of contemporary art, Persian children's Museum, the North Carolina Museum of art, North Carolina Museum of history, North Carolina Museum of natural science, Raleigh City Museum.
    Carovin theme park is located at the junction of the North Carolina and South Carolina, across the city of Charlotte and milburg, 398 acres, the designer's inspiration was Disneyland inspire, after four years of planning, finally opened in 1973.
    Park also has a variety of live performances, including lights, music, dance performances, etc., so that each of the tourists are very excited. The annual card Rowan Music Festival is perhaps the most dense park music atmosphere, from professional music students in public performance and evaluation by the world renowned referees, attracting the arrival of music enthusiasts from all over the world.

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